Tile Roofs

How many times have you seen a freshly painted great looking home with an old, dirty, and dull roof?  Now thanks to Nutech Paint that is a thing of the past. AZ Roof Restoration can now beautify your entire home including tile roofs with Nutech’s innovative and amazing roof coatings.  Available in 36 standard colors to choose from and color matching capabilities as well.

Nutech also offers innovative heat reflecting technology, amazing dirt and water resistance, and the best warranty in the industry offering between 10 & 12 year manufacturer warranties.


Nutech Roof Coatings are designed to keep you cooler and more comfortable inside your home, not to mention save you money on cooling costs.  Nutech Roof Coatings are scientifically formulated to keep the surface of your roof up to 86 degrees F cooler, which in turn keeps the inside of your home much cooler.  Different colors have different results, however even Nutech’s darkest colors perform better than traditional roof coatings.


If you decide to have AZ Roof Restoration LLC restore your roof the process will be as follows:

  1. Perform any necessary repairs if required.
  2. High pressure wash your roof to remove all deep down dirt.
  3. Apply the proper primers/sealers to the roof.
  4. Apply the Nutech Roof Coating in the color of your choice.
  5. Do a final inspection and provide you with all warranty information.
That’s all it takes to get a fresh, beautiful roof with the color of your choice that will save you money, keep you cooler, and help protect our environment all at the same time!

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