My usual roofer could not get to me for almost a week.  AZ Roof Restoration got to me that day.  Thank you again.
Affordable and fast will use again.
Fast response, great service, great attention to detail.
Roof started leaking at 7 o’clock at night, by 8:00 I had someone on my roof, by 8:30 my roof was repaired, and in the dark with flashlights at that.  Wow.  Thanks again.
I had a bad leak in my tile roof, they tore a bunch of tiles off my roof, put down some new paper, and put it all back together again.  Great job guys.
Ok so I had a leak in my window forever.  I had multiple companies look at it and repair it, but it NEVER stopped leaking.  I have these guys come out and they fix it on the first attempt with no problems.  Go Figure.
Polite, friendly staff.  Fast response and great service.
They know their stuff.
Great work for a reasonable price, took the time to answer all of my questions, and I had allot of them too.  Thanks again Josh.
Thank you Josh for your professional approach & follow through and being honest and helpful.  I’m looking forward to my house being a home again.  When the job is complete you can be assured I will be recommending you as a roofer to neighbors and friends.
Excellent service and friendly staff.  We will be recommending you guys.
Tony & Laura
Thanks again you guys for a professional and great looking job.  You will be my roofers for now on.  A+
Excellent job, looks great and very professional.
Great job guys.  No more leaks and my roof looks new again.
Fast, friendly, and professional.  Will recommend to others.
John & Gloria
Very knowledgeable about their trade, fast response, and a great job.
Dan & Christine
Replaced 12 sheets of plywood on my roof and 75 feet of fascia boards.  Fantastic job, looks great guys.
I had to have my roof replaced and you did an excellent job. Your workers kept me up to date as the job was being done and were always there to answer any questions I had. I will recommend you to all my friends and family when they need work done on their roofs. A+++ Job!
The work your company provided in February on my home has been tested by several rains since you proclaimed the final repair to be completed.  I am glad to say that your last repair has solved the leak problem on my roof that has plagued me since moving in back in 2003.  Your perseverance in doing an exhaustive search to find the faulty area was sincerely appreciated. The job proved to be tougher than the original and limited valley repair, but with gratitude from me you persevered to find the final and elusive leak area.  Your substantial hours your firm devoted to find the leak without asking for additional funds was appreciated and frankly surprising.  It was proof I was dealing with a responsible organization that worked hard to support your reputation.  I offer myself as a honest and reliable reference should you wish to use me to support your sales effort.  I would be glad to speak with any potential customer and share with them my positive evaluation of your firm as being one that has the experience and knowledge to solve tough roof leak problems.  If you wish you can share this letter with any prospect.
Your crew that you had work on our home and yourself are just awesome to say the least.  My wife and myself have never had such a wonderful experience when it comes to having something done construction wise.  It seems these days when you have to have something done to your home or anything else for that matter when it comes to having to depend on someone else to be honest and do the job right it is usually a nightmare and nothing but stress and worries.  Your company and yourself are just the opposite.  Not only did you guys do a wonderful job on our roof, but you were all so very polite and courteous.  Dealing with you was so easy and enjoyable it felt like we had known you for years, and we had only met you once.  Your employees surprisingly were exactly the same way.  Your supervisor that was in charge of our project told us on the very first day when we were discussing our concerns and fears that and I quote “We will treat your home as if it was our own” and they really did.  When your crew did the clean up our yard ended up looking better than it ever had before.  We immediately felt that we could depend on and trust you and your employees with anything.  We so very much appreciate everything and we wish you the very best of luck.  Thank you again.
Craig & Marcy

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